Minecraft Museum

Sometimes during a lesson you are gifted a moment when you get to stand back and watch pure learning. That moment for me was last week during a Library/History lesson with Year 2.

During a previous lesson we had watched a video, produced by the National Museum of Australia, that explained the purpose of a meat safe. We discussed the importance of museum artefacts in providing us with information about the past, then built a list of items we use today that may become artefacts in a museum in the future.

Visit https://www.nma.gov.au/learn/classroom-resources/what-is-this/meat-safe to watch this clip (one of 6 great videos available)

We decided to create a world in Minecraft that would be our ‘Virtual Museum’ and invite every student to build one artefact in the world.

Before entering the world the students had to draw their item on grid paper showing different views (top, side etc). I believe this step (which absolutely challenged them) was key to the success of the overall task.

We then entered the world, two students to one device. They assisted one another in building their item. The only instruction was watch out for each other and give yourself some space. Incredibly they achieved this.

I spent time moving around the world capturing photos of the items using the camera. Naturally they all wanted a copy which I was able to provide by exporting the portfolio. The students will now write a description that can be added to the portfolio, so that our portfolio becomes a museum guide.

Sometimes it is the simple task that brings enormous joy. The students are so proud of their work….and they deserve to be.