Australia Day – so what?

Many of us are familiar with the Stage 2 History Outcome HT2-1 that includes:

Students identify important Australian celebrations and commemorations and discuss their origins and significance in society eg Australia Day.

Last year my colleague Brigitta and I (inspired by Mark Treadwell) changed the way we approached this outcome.

Students completed a CSI Thinking Routine on what Australia Day meant to them personally. We then shared and compared responses. (Learn more about this routine at Project Zero)

Next. we reflected on the meaning of the words spoken in the video The Story of Australia.

The Story of Australia ( )

Students formed the idea that our personal history will influence how we feel about Australia Day.

This lead to students wondering if that statement was true for all celebrations and memorials?

The students researched other celebrations, considered their personal connection to them, and came to the understanding that our personal history will influence how we feel about any celebration.

We finished our learning with the most powerful question….so what?

Brigitta and I wanted to know what this new understanding meant for our students.

We received the most insightful and powerful responses. The first step in change is recognising that we all have opinions and that we may see things from a different perspective. As the students move into Stage 3 we begin to look at ways of changing perspectives if it’s better for our community. These kids are our future leaders and politicians. We need to help them become thinkers!

We are looking forward to seeing how our Year 4 students respond this year.