Focus on Strengths and Growth

This term I have given Year 6 a table clearly listing 5 Learning Intentions and relevant success criteria. When they achieve one of the criteria, and can provide me with work samples/evidence of success, we sign off that criteria. This format was inspired by the work Bronwyn Edmunds of Freeman Bay School in Auckland.

What I love about this approach is:

  • it fosters a growth mindset and focuses on personal achievement. When I presented this example to Year 6 we discussed the fact the every time we sign off on a criteria, they have been successful. If they achieve 6 of the 11 steps then we focus on the fact that they have accomplished 6 things. We do not focus on the fact that they didn’t achieve the other 5. As the teacher I will look at how I can support them in achieving all steps.
  • students are responsible for demonstrating success.¬†Tired of chasing finished work samples, I decided to make the students more accountable. This supports the development of self-regulation.
  • using first person language gives students ownership of the process


Just for fun you can have a graphic with text boxes that can be moved when a criteria is achieved.