Thinking Dispostions

A disposition is an enduring characteristic or trait that serves to motivate behaviour. Our disposition defines who we are.

In 2005 at the conclusion of a 5 year project into cultivating  thinking dispositions, Ron Ritchhart and his Project Zero colleagues developed a set of simple strategies for scaffolding thinking, known as thinking routines. 

These Thinking Routines became the core of what we refer to as Visible Thinking

Thinking routines are designed to

  • be easy to remember
  • be practical
  • invite a broad range of thinking moves

You will find a range of thinking routines on the Project Zero website.

The ‘understanding’ you want your students to develop will influence the ‘routines & thinking opportunities’ you provide. Therefore you must consider the intent of your lesson when selecting a routine. How do you want your students to think? What understanding are you hoping to develop?

Download a copy of the map from

To explore Visible Thinking in greater detail read Making Thinking Visible by Ritchhart, Church and Morrison. It will change how you teach!