Reimagine the Rubric

Inspired by Rhonda Bondie (All Learner’s Learning Every Day) I have changed how I use rubrics. At a conference earlier this year Rhonda spoke about the importance of  students knowing what the ‘must have’ and the ‘amazing’ elements of a task may be. I liked this way of thinking about success criteria. I decided to use that language along with a third element – ‘rethink’ – to create a new rubric template for my lessons.

You are welcome to download and use it. Rubric Yr3 2018

Year 3 Example

We discussed our current task – writing an Historical Fiction story following the style of Bird to Bird by Claire Saxby. As a class we decided on the ‘must haves’. We then discussed what an amazing response would look like and added ideas to the rubric. We chatted about things that we might see in a response that would make us need to ‘rethink’ our work. The rubric we designed will be typed and displayed on the wall. Students may continue to add thoughts to the rethink and amazing columns.

The kids were very engaged in the building of the rubric and we discussed the benefits of preparing and using a rubric like this during the task rather than being given a graded rubric at the end of a task. I loved it when Tom said “if I get my rubric at the end of my task….how am I meant to fix it (his work)?’

What I love the most is that kids ‘own’ the rubric. I have captured our first scrappy attempt here!

Give it a try.