Little Horses By Deborah Kelly and Jenni Goodman

Hear from the illustrator Jenni Goodman

I have lived all my life in the Hunter Valley, NSW, and it is this stunning book that has opened my eyes to these precious sea creatures of Port Stephens. Beautifully written and illustrated, you can’t help but fall in love with the ‘Little Horses’ and want to join the cause to protect them.

This story would be a great learning prompt for the NSW Science Syllabus strand Living World. From Kinder to Year 6 this book will engage and inform students. Direct links to the syllabus include:

Stage 1: How can we improve a local environment to encourage living things to survive?

Stage 2: How are environments and living things interdependent?

Stage 3: How do physical conditions affect the survival of living things?

Become a Researcher

Encourage students to explore a range of informtion sources to broaden their knowledge of White’s seahorses. Click HERE to read more about the recent release of seahorses at Port Stephens.

Click HERE to visit the Project Seahorse website pictured below.

The site below explores some of the unique features of a seahorse…including their coronet. Click HERE to visit the site.

Get creative!

Follow along with this directed drawing activity (below) and add your own unique coronet (personally I would love a crown!)

Minecraft Fun

Minecraft Education Edition has some great aquatic worlds to explore.

Search the Minecraft Library to find one to suit you. You might even enjoy building a seahorse with blocks.