A stunning book that spoke to my heart.

Vocabulary is such a powerful tool in writing. Use WORD CLOUD in Mentimeter ( to capture student thinking in relation to the vocabulary used in this text and the emotions they evoke. What words come to mind for them when hearing this story? Students submit their responses to your question via a code and the words are collated into a Word Cloud.


Learn more about whales by visiting the World Wildlife Foundation website: Whale wonders: 13 Interesting whale facts | WWF Australia

Check out Fact 10…How do whales raise their young? Ask the children to build and broaden their knowledge by posing the question…Do all animals stay with their mum for 12 months?

Tracking Animals

Some scientists are facing a challenge with their bird tracking scheme. Click on the article to learn more. Perhaps your students could develop a better process.

Exploring Further

This beautiful book will compliment any investigation into animal journeys.

I asked my Year 5 students to create a powerpoint slide that captured key facts for one animal profiled in this text. The target audience was Year 1. It proved a great way to see if students could comprehend the information and retell in simpler language. They were also asked to select a piece of music that represented the movement of the animal.