Shouting Out About the Environment

Are you looking to bring technology and literature together in the classroom?
After listening to Lester and Clyde by James Reece 
the kindergarten class created a word bank of phrases they would like to “Shout out” about the environment.

The students selected and typed phrases onto a word document template.   The sentences were printed, cut out and added to a painted background along with a profile shot of themselves.  I used this creative idea after seeing it at Selwyn Ridge Primary School, Welcome Bay Tauranga NZ.


Story: Lester and Clyde by James Reece

KLA Outcomes (NSW)

Ene-10C: A student thinks imaginatively and creatively about familiar topics, simple ideas and the basic features of texts when responding to and composing texts

Content: experiment with basic visual, multimodal and digital processes to represent some simple ideas expressed in texts and to convey experiences.

ENES1: Gathers information about natural and built environments and communicates some of the ways in which they interact with, and can care for, these environments


21st CLD: Collaboration

ISTE: Creativity & Innovation

Technology: MS Word, Digital Photography