Connect and Wonder – Questioning

I begin many of my Library lessons with a picture book. Kids love listening to stories read aloud – even Year 6! I use this as a time to develop the skill of questioning. As a class we study the cover of the book and write 6 questions:

  • Who….
  • What….
  • Where…
  • Why….
  • When….
  • How….

After reading the book we revisit the questions to see if the answers were given in the story. Mostly they are, sometimes not. It is a simple activity that develops questioning and  comprehension and the kids enjoy.

Example: Questions by Year One

Tom the Outback Mailman


  • Who is Tom?
  • What does he have on the back of his truck?
  • Where is he going?
  • When will he finish the trip?
  • Why is he in an old truck?
  • How far does he travel?