My Life as an Alphabet

“Introducing Candice Phee: twelve years old, hilariously honest and a little odd. But she has a big heart, the very best of intentions and an unwavering determination to ensure everyone is happy. So she sets about trying to ‘fix’ all the problems of all the people [and pets] in her life.

Laugh-out-loud funny and wonderfully touching, My Life as an Alphabet is a delightful novel about an unusual girl who goes to great lengths to bring love and laughter into the lives of everyone she cares about.” (Allen and Unwin)

I love the style of this text – with each chapter presenting a different aspect of Candice’s life linked to a letter of the alphabet. We begin with A and work our way right through to the letter Z. This would be such a great task for students. What would they write about for the letter A, B, C….


My A chapter would focus on ‘adventure’ and my trip to Hungary and a side detour I took on my own to visit y friend Kerry in Switzerland!

B…would centre on the Aussie bush and my connection to Howe’s Valley.

What would your students write about?

Listen to our podcast With this Book We Can – My Life as an Alphabet to explore how this book can be brought to life in your classroom or Library.

In the podcast I chat about using Book Creator to create a class book for one of the characters. Visit and sign up. There are some great guides and resources available to help you become familiar with the app and its potential.

The podcast also explores links to the new English Syllabus, in particular the mentor concepts of character and perspective. You can read more about this on the NSW Education website Textual concepts (

There are also strong links that can be made to te Information Fluency Framework – Social Element. Document Link : Information Fluency Framework