21st Century Learning Design

“Globally, there is a compelling need to develop transferable learning-how-to-learn capabilities in student learners, which are relevant and applicable to our digital, interconnected world and to ever-changing, new and challenging contexts. The importance of this is recognised in the Australian curriculum: ‘In the Australian Curriculum ‘capability’ encompasses knowledge, skills, behaviours and dispositions. Students develop capability when they apply knowledge and skills confidently, effectively and appropriately in complex and changing circumstances, both in their learning at school and in their lives outside school.’ 1 The purpose of the 21st Century Learning Design (21CLD) Rubrics in this guide is to assist teachers to identify, understand and design learning activities that support learners to develop essential capabilities in six key dimensions:

  • Collaboration
  • Knowledge Construction
  • Self-Regulation
  • Real-World Problem-Solving and Innovation
  • ICT for Learning
  • Skilful Communication “

Microsoft Partners in Learning-21st Century Learning Design:Australian Implementation Kit   To download resources and learn more about 21CLD visit The Microsoft Educator Network


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