The Many Lives of OneNote

A Onenote file may be accessed in 3 main ways:

OneNote Online: This OneNote version is in the ‘cloud’. Access it via MNConnect. If you are using this version it will say  ‘OneNote Online’ on the top banner of the page. It does not need to sync.

To open, read or edit a document in OneNote Online you will need to download it. Changes made are recorded on the downloaded copy. The file will need to uploaded again if changes are to be seen in the OneNote file online.

OneNote App: This is similar in appearance to the OneNote Online version, however you have more tools available. The greatest benefit with the app that I am enjoying is the option to insert a picture from a camera. Stickers are also cool. I’m loving the insert audio tool – great for feedback.

OneNote 2016 (Desktop): This full version of OneNote is no longer being updated by Microsoft. All updates and improvements are focussed on the OneNote app. I am working in the OneNote app MOST of the time. You do need to download the OneNote file into both the app and desktop version – they do not currently work together!

Setting default programs:

Watch the video to see how to set default apps.