Workshop – Forms and Sway

Capturing Learning

Microsoft Forms

Forms are a simple way to assess learning for an individual student and a great way to gather information from a whole class in an interactive format.

You can access Forms directly at  – sign in with your school email and password.

You can also access Forms via our Office365 (MN Connect):








Click on this link to access my Holy Sheep form

You can also embed forms into OneNote and websites:

Forms are great for watching live data being collected. Let’s try it with a form previously used with Year 1

The Help section of Forms offers a lot of great information about the quiz feature  of forms. I recommend completing the course in the Microsoft Educator Community:




A clever way to create a portfolio of learning for your class or individual students.

You can access Sway directly at – sign in with your school email and password.

You can also access Sway via our Office365 (MN Connect):







You learnt about Sway in your Workshop 2 online course in the Microsoft Educator Community. If you would like to revise it at any time, the direct link to the Sway component is:

Try creating a class newsletter with Sway and share the link with Hands Academy colleagues.

Educator Community

I think you would enjoy this course on Accessibility – using technology to give students access to information