Teaching the Teachers Minecraft

Today the teachers become the students! With the help of a group of Minecraft Masters (Stage 2 and Stage 3  students) teachers will learn the basic commands in Minecraft during a school PD workshop. As the teachers explore the never ending world of Minecraft that their students know and love, they will begin to see creative and authentic learning opportunities across the curriculum. The trick is to keep that vision alive.

I have left many workshops feeling as though I have the ‘hang of’ a new concept or skill. Unfortunately, when I am alone at home and decide to continue the learning I seem to lose my superhero cape and find myself looking for the ‘esc’ key.

Resist the urge to quit! Try these resources instead:


Logo_Header Minecraft Ed edition

Visit the Minecraft Education Edition website for a range of tips and resources.




Try this creative writing idea – thanks to Wilj Dekkers (New Zealand)


Visit the Immersive Minds website (http://www.immersiveminds.com/).  Stephen Reid will be glad you dropped by! (Follow him on twitter @ImmersiveMind)



Bron Stuckey is amazing – join her on the Minecraft wiki page http://www.minecraftexperience.net/