Kindergarten Superheroes

From a young age it is important that children recognise their strengths. Having discussed and identified personal strengths (or interests) we used paint, digital photography and QR Codes to create a poster that would allow students to publicise their strengths to the school community. The posters were placed in the school foyer for visitors to enjoy. We placed a notice in the school newsletter advising parents to download the QR Reader so they would be able to enjoy the posters when they visited the school.

In creating the posters students :

  • discussed and identified student strengths.
  • browsed information books and websites with parents to find new facts related to their strength – this gave them ‘superpowers’!
  • created a skyline image using MSPaint
  • posed for a digital photo in a ‘flying’ position. (A cape stiffened with interfacing and fishing line attached is very effective)
  • recorded a fact orally (we used the Easi-Speak Pro Microphone)
  • constructed the Superhero poster (I created a QR Code for each recording and provided the students with a printout of the code.)

The students loved this task….and so did the teachers!