Cups Held Out

After sharing the story “Cups Held Out” with a Stage 3 class we discussed the life of a beggar, in particular the hardships and the circumstances that may have lead to a life of begging. We then revised digital photography techniques:

Camera Angles & Framing

Rule of Thirds

In groups of 2-4, students were given a plastic cup and 50 mins to create an image using their tablet device. The results were amazing. These images will be used in class as a stimulus to research into aid agencies and the best way to support people in need.

Story: Cups Held Out by Judith L Roth

KLA Outcomes (NSW):

EN3-3A: Use an integrated range of skills, strategies and knowledge to read, view and comprehend a wide range of texts in different media and technologies

Content: Recognise the effect of multimedia elements eg film techniques, animation, voice-overs, sound effects, framing, close-ups.

– Explains the structures, roles, responsibilities and decision-making processes of State and federal governments and explains why Australians value fairness and socially just principles.



21st CLD: Skilled Communication

ISTE Standards: Creativity & Innovation

Technology: Digital Photography & Movie Maker

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