Working in groups of 6, students were given a set of 3 Stephen Michael King images. The group was required to agree on a general story line for the images then work in pairs for 20 minutes to write one part of the story (matching text to their given image).

They had a final five minutes to collaborate with the group, sharing what they had written for their image and ensuring it linked to the other story parts.

Photostory 3 was used to publish the stories. This is a time restricted task which requires self-regulation to complete.

You will hear in the finished product that some groups were able to write 3 parts that blended well, whilst others wrote separate stories for each image.

The focus was on descriptive language. Using the ‘record narration’ feature of Photostory allowed students with limited literacy skills to still express themselves.

[wpvideo BgSP9OTX]

KLA Outcomes (NSW):

EN2-2A Plans, composes and reviews a range of texts that are more demanding in terms of topic, audience and language

Content: experiment with visual, multimodal and digital technologies to represent ideas encountered in text


21st CLD: Collaboration

ISTE Standards: Creativity & Innovation

Technology: Photostory & MS Paint

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