Capturing Learning

Without doubt one of the biggest changes, and challenges, for educators today is assessment. Today, assessment goes beyond determining if a student demonstrates competence. We are looking at growth, looking at skill development, looking at performance. The scores, percentages and grades we record in our assessment books will now be accompanied by reflective comments and notes recorded by the teacher. However, to truly gauge growth we need to find ways to ‘capture learning’. We need  to record where a student is at a point in time, then repeat the process during or after a task.

The Microsoft Surface Pro and snip are an awesome combination for capturing point in time data. I gave Year 1 students my Surface Pro and pen. I opened snip and asked them to write the alphabet and numbers 1-10. Capturing learning in this way provided a wealth of authentic data. I was able to observe

    • letter knowledge
    • letter formation
    • speech